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U  N  I  Together  (UNIT) Productions is a multi-media producing company for  theatre, film, television and the web.

Combing the producing, directing, writing and artistic design talents of duo Hazel Venzon and David Oro, they will help realise your project and tailor a process to meet your unique needs.


UNIT produces culturally bending content that brings new stories to the forefront.


Bringing you and I together.


Hazel Venzon  Artistic Director / co-Founder


Hazel Venzon is a theatre artist: a producer, director, writer and actress. Her artistic background is rooted in sculpture and performance art (University of Manitoba's School of Fine Art) and formal acting training (Studio 58).


Hazel has been a national theatre artist for over 20 years. She has produced for festivals such as PuSh, Luminato Festival and Magnetic North Theatre Festival. She is currently, the Artistic Associate at Prairie Theatre Exchange, Central Operative for Mammalian Diving Reflex which has travelled her around the world, producing  since 2008. Her work as an actress and social-performance artist has been presented in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Victoria, Whitehorse, Winnipeg, USA, Berlin and Manila.


She continues to explore the definition of theatre and performance through social engagement, crossing through multiple disciplines; focused on the investigation of Canadian identity.


David Oro Creative Director / co-Founder

Winnipeg based artist, born and raised in Metro Manila Philippines, who migrated to Winnipeg at the age of seventeen. Migration has, undoubtedly, played a massive role in Oro’s work, which has impacted both his life and his art. When approached by theatre artist, Hazel Venzon, with this project (The Places We Go), Oro immediately knew he wanted to use this opportunity to retell parts of his life, which reflect his childhood; when he lived apart from his father (Saudi Arabia) for over ten years.


He will use this performance as an opportunity to tell his story and to share memories of his neighborhood and surroundings growing up in Metro Manila. Oro’s talent and long history of digital design, a graphic artist, painter, illustrator, and animator - make him the best fit to support this theatrical feat.


Immigration has played a significant role in both collaborators’ lives. They are thrilled to use The Places We Go as an opportunity to retell parts of their lives, reflecting how many Canadians, too, have lived apart from their parents and loved-ones spanning the majority of their formative years.

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