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The places we go is a live graphic novel and a story for everyone,

A visually and theatrically charged portrayal of Winnipeg-Filipino culture about a young girl's desire to reunite with her mom.


As multimedia and new-creation work, The Places We Go will take you through Metro Manila following Grace as attempts she to raise enough money for the perfect gift - a plane ticket home for Nanay. Grace (Manila, Philippines) lives apart from her mother, Nanay (Winnipeg, Canada). The Places We Go provides an occasion for storytelling, which reflects the history of migration in Canada and serious play around the current reality of long-distance relationships, family separation and the power of hope. 


UNIT is thrilled to bring audiences a unique and innovative work to everyone who knows what it’s like to dream.


The Places We Go
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Now Playing at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival!

Venue 3

180 Market Ave.



Thu    July 20   -   12:00 

Sat    July 22   -   22:00

Mon  July 24   -   15:30*

Tue    July 25   -   20:30

Thu    July 27   -   16:30

Fri     July 28   -   19:15*

Sat    July 29   -   12:00

Sun   July 30   -   17:15*


*Sign language interpretation available.

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